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Wine clarification

Modern techniques to reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Efficiency

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Wine is a complex product constantly evolving from the moment the fermentation is complete right up to the time the cork is pulled. This complexity enables winemakers to deliver the individual appeal of each wine, however, this evolution can also lead to the formation of sediments and hazes that are not desirable in the final product.

Winemakers use wine stabilization and clarification techniques to improve the visual appearance and shelf stability of their wines. They have several filtration methods available when clarifying wine but with pall’s modern technique, you can increase yield, reduce waste volumes and maintain more consistent filtrate quality. The fully automated Filtration System provides a cost-saving sustainable alternative to traditional wine clarification methods.

In our webcast, " Wine clarification – Modern techniques to reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Efficiency” you’ll learn:

  1. Common factors that affect filtration efficiency
  2. How overall operating expenses (OPEX) can be impacted by poor filtration efficiency
  3. IoT (The Internet of Things) – what it is and how they are being integrated into our lives already
  4. What the latest innovations from Pall can do to help you optimize your crossflow filtrations and reduce filtration OPEX


  • Moderator:

    John Rearden

    Pall Corporation
    Country leader for ANZ

  • Speaker:

    Ian Rickard

    Pall Corporation
    Global Marketing Manager, Wine & Spirits

  • Speaker:

    Wood, Ragan

    Pall Corporation
    SystemsSales Specialist

  • Moderator:

    David Johnson

    Pall Biotech
    Senior Global Product Manager, Continuous Purification

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