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Vivid Antigen Clarification Media
Designed for Antigen Test Sample Clarification & Purification

Application Process

  • Sample clarification and preparation for: sputum, nasopharyngeal and saliva samples
  • Compatible with lateral flow, cartridge PCR and traditional PCR design
  • Removal of contaminants from swab sample before applying to IVD test

Vivid ACM - Antigen Clarification Melt Blown — Material for PCR Sample Purification

Vivid ACM is constructed of polypropylene fibers in a depth structure which provides high surface area and increased particulate holding capacity.

The proprietary manufacturing process used to produce our melt blown media allows for the creation of multiple filtration zones with internal voids that result in the efficient use of the depth structure. These function similarly to asymmetric membranes, capturing particulate within the structure ensuring efficient clarification of viscous samples and lysates. The concern over fiber shedding is also minimized due to the continuous nature of the fibers.

Vivid ACG - Antigen Clarification Glass Fiber — Graded Material for POCT Sample Clarification

This specialized glass fiber medium is comprised of a laminated glass fiber matrix with a high-performance acrylic binder to a polyester support. The material is specifically designed for sample clarification and is ideal for preparation of sputum, nasopharyngeal, and saliva samples. The graded nature of this material allows for the processing of highly viscous samples and/or large sample volumes without compromising flow rates. The acrylic binder provides adequate strength for handling during use or in a manufacturing environment.

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