Virus Filtration: Get The Job Done!

Pall Virus Filtration 1-day Training Seminar 2019

2019년 6월 14일 | 대한민국 서울

About the Seminar

Pall Virus Filtration 1-day Training Seminar는 실제 Virus Filter 사용에 있어, Virus Filter 관련 실험 및 필터 사용 단계에 대한 검증 (Validation) 등의 여러 어려움을 극복하고자 하시는 분들을 위해 준비 되었습니다. Virus Filtration 에 대한 기본 원리 및 올바른 사용법에 대한 주제가 다뤄질 예정이며, Filterability 에 대한 깊이 있는 지식, Virus filtration 공정 관련 국내외 규정에 대한 사항 등이 심도 있게 다뤄 질 예정입니다. Pall Virus Filtration 1-day Training Seminar 를 통해 Virus filterability trial 및 사용 공정 단계 검증에 논의 되어야 할 사항들에 대해 깊은 견해와 지식을 얻으시기 바랍니다.


  • Dr. Aernout Martens

    Global Product Manager Virus Filtration, Pall Biotech

    Aernout Martens started working at Pall as BioPurification Specialist, after which he specialized in Virus Filtration and became Global Product Manager for the Pall Virus Filtration portfolio.

  • Sudhakar Nagaraj

    Principal Scientist, SLS–Global Regulatory and Validation Consulting
    Group, Pall Biotech

    Sudhakar Nagaraj has been in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 17 years and joined Pall during 2006 in the Scientific Laboratory Services (SLS) organization. He is currently involved in updating Pall’s technical support portfolios with rapidly evolving end-user and regulatory requirements, to streamline customer selection, adoption and successful regulatory approval of Pall technologies.

  • Esha Pillay

    Senior Manager – Scientific & Laboratory Services (SLS), South Asia, Pall Biotech

    In her current role, Esha is responsible for leading the technical teams in the South Asian region to support key Biotech companies. She has over 20 years experience in the Biopharmaceutical field, bringing both scientific and engineering experience in the areas of project management, technical management, training, regulatory support and management of validation and instrumentation calibration laboratories.

  • Dr. Dong Soo Kang

    Director & Principal Scientist, CRO Biosafety Testing Services, Samsung Biologics

    With 17 years experience as a Protein Biochemist in academic and CRO/CMO environments, Dr. Kang has contributed towards building GLP/GMP biosafety testing facilities across the Asia Pacific region as well as development of a downstream platform for viral vector manufacturing.  Currently, he is working in the newly formed Biosafety Testing Services unit at Samsung Biologics, Incheon, Korea.

Introducing Pall APAC Virus Filtration Seminar Series

If you want to get the job done, come and learn how to at our 1 day local seminar.


  • 9:00am


  • 9:25am


  • 9:30am

    Virus Filtration Regulatory Framework

    Mr. Sudhakar Nagaraj, Pall Biotech

  • 10:15am

    Principles of Virus Filtration

    Dr. Aernout Martens, Pall Biotech

  • 11:15am


  • 11:30am

    Recommendations for filterability and virus validation studies

    Ms. Esha Pillay, Pall Biotech

  • 12:30pm


  • 2:00pm

    Validation and Planning from an Industrial Perspective

    Dr. Dong Soo Kang, Samsung Biologics

  • 2:45pm

    Validation of Continuous Viral Clearance Processes

    Dr. Aernout Martens, Pall Biotech

  • 3:45pm

    Seminar Closure

  • 4:00pm


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