Pall Corporation

NEW SupralonTM filter elements

Pall Corporation is pleased to announce that we are upgrading our Ultipor® and Coralon filter element technology. 
Our new Supralon filters represent a significant advancement in equipment protection and are a direct replacement (same form, fit, and function) for current Coralon and Ultipor IIII filter elements (typically part numbers prefixed with “HC”). 
Supralon filter elements have been designed to deliver the best performance features of its Coralon and Ultipor III predecessors  

NEW Supralon

  • Higher Beta rating for faster system cleanup and improved cleanliness levels  
  • CST rating to ensure high performance consistency over element service life 
  • Asymmetric pack construction for optimized pleat stability and drainage  
  • High basis weight filtration medium for long service life and resistance to upset conditions  
  • Static charge resistance as standard across the full product offering 
  • Low clean pressure drop

NEW Supralon

This change is being implemented for Pall Coralon, Coralon Dirt Fuse, Coralon X321, Coralon Red1000, Coralon Anti-Static, Ultipor III, Ultipor Dirt Fuse, Ultipor SRT, Ultipor Plus, Ultipor Max  and Ultipor Red1000 elements in all standard medium grades (Z, P, N, S, T). 

The new elements will have a medium code of "R" for standard collapse elements and a medium code of “H” for high collapse (Dirt Fuse) elements. These 2 codes will replace all codes currently in use (i.e. “A”, “C”, "D", "K" or "M", “U”, “X”) in current Coralon or Ultipor element part numbers.   
Existing part number “HC9600FCP8H” will become “HC9600FRP8H”
Existing part number “HC9601FCP8H” will become “HC9601FHP8H”   

If you use the Pall Coralon and Ultipor III part numbers at your facility we recommend you to update your purchasing systems with the new part numbers as soon as possible. This will help avoid any issues related to receiving and order processing in your purchasing/sourcing systems 

Supralon elements will begin shipping in January 2022.  This will occur automatically as the inventory of Coralon and Ultipor III elements is depleted. Note: if you specify Supralon filters, your order will be filled with Supralon elements regardless of whether inventory of the current elements remains. 

Pall Corporation is committed to your total satisfaction and to provide industry leading filtration technologies to protect your equipment. In addition, we are committed to providing high quality long-term support and service for our products.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Pall representative or contact us on [email protected]