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Filter Integrity Testing

The Palltronic® Flowstar IV Integrity Test Instrument makes testing easier and faster, while ensuring compliance for years to come

Measurement Accuracy: the Palltronic Flowstar IV integrity test instrument uses volume dosed, direct flow measurement technology. The flow rate does not need to be calculated from a volume determination and pressure decay measurement. This unique technology combined with validated algorithms means that filter test times can be shortened without compromising industry-leading test result accuracies of +/- 3%.

GMP Calibration: regular calibration of instrumentation is an integral part of GMP compliance. For integrity test instruments which measure pressure and flow, this should be a calibration against pressure and flow references. The Palltronic Flowstar IV flow measurement loop is directly calibrated, ensuring full compliance with the regulatory demands for filter integrity testing.

Data integrity: data integrity is critical throughout the cGMP data life cycle and the Palltronic Flowstar IV instrument’s built-in features assure ALCOA Plus principles are met, including:

  • Non-editable electronic test results records
  • Non-editable electronic audit trails of relevant GMP parameters and events
  • Access control and management
  • Data backup and data transfer

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