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Pall ST Microfunnel Filter Funnels

Control Contamination

Pre-sterilized, individually-packaged filter funnels in a single overpack – only one bag to spray and wipe to reduce particulates in isolators and cleanrooms.

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Pall Laboratory ST Microfunnel filter funnels are available in gamma-irradiated, double-bagged packaging saving valuable time during entry into cleanrooms and hoods with only one surface to spray down and wipe.

  • Filter funnels are individually sealed and labeled inside the second package layer
  • Overpacks can be used to store funnels in areas looking to avoid corrugated particulates
  • Available in 0.45 μm GN-6 Metricel® and Supor® membranes for application flexibility
  • Standard squeeze funnel removal for easy access to the membrane