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2 hours


Single-use technologies (SUT) have evolved into commercial operations and drug manufacturers look for solutions to industrialize its usage in a safe and reliable way.

With single-use systems (SUS) adoption, quality ownership involves shared responsibilities between supplier and end user. Additional parts of the supply and quality chain shift to supplier.

Join us as we present existing good practices to ensure critical quality attributes (CQAs) of the SUS throughout their life cycle.

In this webinar, the fundamental principles of Quality Risk Management (QRM) applied to SUS adoption and validation will be discussed. In addition, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to define an integrity strategy for their critical SUS, as well as on how to safely Pre-Use Post Sterilization Integrity Test (PUPSIT) filters in SUS. By the conclusion of the session, all attendees should be able to define a risk mitigation strategy for SUS.


  • Moderator:

    Helene Pora
    Pall Biotech
    VP Technical Communication & Regulatory Strategy

  • Speaker:

    Sarah Jeffkins

    Pall Biotech
    Laboratory Manager

  • Speaker:

    Catherine Piton

    Pall Biotech
    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Speaker:

    Patrick Evrard

    Pall Biotech
    Senior Principal Engineer

  • Speaker:

    Alain Vanhecke

    Pall Biotech
    Senior Technical Specialist

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