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The Kleenpak® Presto Sterile Connector

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Testimonial from a Single-Use Design Engineer at a Major Pharmaceutical Company

The Pall Kleenpak Presto sterile connector is a welcome addition to the space of aseptic connections in the bio-pharmaceutical industry:

  • The tamper-proof cover ensures that the critical membrane surface is not disturbed, unlike alternative devices with covers which can be removed and replaced.
  • The pull tabs include a rigid “guide track” which ensures the operator pulls the tabs perpendicular to the device. This avoids many possible failure modes that are present with competitor’s devices.
  • The twist-to-lock mechanism provides visual indication of a successful connection, but also reduces the force required to pull the membranes. The twisting mechanism is intuitive and does not add significant complexity to the connection.

The Kleenpak Presto sterile connector is my first recommendation for connection of single-use systems because none of the other devices on the market combine all of these attributes with a compact form-factor.

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Tamper Proof Cap
Rigid Guide Track
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