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How to Achieve KPIs for
Beer Clarification

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60 Minutes


Beer production managers today are held to various KPIs to ensure process efficiency, product quality, safety, sustainability and OPEX.

But with today’s changing environment and beer production challenges, how can you effectively handle and meet these KPIs? In our webinar, “How to Achieve KPIs for Beer Clarification,” on Thursday, December 2nd we’ll discuss:

  1. Why KPIs such as volume performance, minimum downtime, microbiological security, health and safety, energy and water consumption and operational expense (OPEX), are vital to overall brand management and performance
  2. Key challenges in managing these KPIs
  3. How solutions such as membrane filtration and crossflow systems can help achieve KPIs in a more sustainable way

Don’t wait till your annual performance review to realize that you need to improve, get ahead now, learn about the latest technologies and impress your boss at your next review by registering today.


  • Speaker:

    Ken Belau

    Pall Corporation

  • Speaker:

    Roland Pahl

    Pall Corporation

  • Speaker:

    Christian Kappeler

    Pall Corporation
    Global Business Development, Food & Beverage

  • Speaker:

    Prashant Nadagoudar

    Pall Corporation
    F&B SLS Manager, SLS Global Technical Support, Food and Beverage

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