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Hard Seltzer:

Producing a Crystal Clear and Pure New Beverage

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60 Minutes


Many in the food and beverage industry may have believed hard seltzer was a fad, but it’s showing no signs of fizzling out. With a low-calorie count and reduced alcohol content, it’s continuing to attract health-conscious people of all ages. Industry experts agree that hard seltzer is here to stay with plenty of opportunity for growth!

With hard seltzer being so new, the technology of producing hard seltzer has little research to lean on and so consequently, there are many completely different ways of producing it.

The production challenges to create a colorless beverage with a flavorless base depend a lot on the choice of raw materials and the process technology used.

In our webcast, "Hard Seltzer: Producing a Crystal Clear and Pure New Beverage”, you’ll learn about:

  1. How hard seltzer is produced
  2. The main challenges to hard seltzer production
  3. What solutions can help with decolorization, alcohol adjustment, microbial stabilization, haze and off-flavor reduction


  • Speaker:

    John Rearden

    Pall Corporation
    Country Leader, Food and Beverage ANZ

  • Speaker:

    Roland Pahl

    Pall Corporation
    Beer Market Manager

  • Speaker:

    Christian Kappeler

    Pall Corporation
    Global Business Development, Food & Beverage

  • Speaker:

    Prashant Nadagoudar

    Pall Corporation
    F&B SLS Manager, SLS Global Technical Support, Food and Beverage

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