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Case Study: Swissfillon’s Approach to Single-Use Formulation & Filling


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2 hours


In 2019 Swissfillon were inspected and approved by the FDA to supply drug products into the USA, following on from EU approval in 2018. This young fill finish CMO was started in Switzerland in 2013 and built a state-of-the-art cGMP production facility from the ground up.

Swissfillon recognized early on that single-use systems met their requirements for multi-product manufacturing and would help their clients get their drugs to market faster.

During this case-study webinar, participants will learn:

  1. How working in partnership with a supplier can be part of a QbD approach to minimize risk
  2. Strategies & design improvements for single-use systems to reduce risk in the process
  3. How a shadowboard can be used to make single-use system leak tests, PUPSIT and the filtration process fast, safe and simple


  • Moderator:

    Helene Pora

    VP Technical Communication & Regulatory Strategy

  • Presenter:

    Rainer Glöckler

    Swissfillon AG
    Chief Technical Officer

  • Presenter:

    Kevin Thompson

    Pall Corporation
    Technical Director

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