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60 min


Exothera is a viral vector CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) leveraging standard and innovative bioproduction platforms to rapidly deliver affordable viral vector-based vaccines and cell and gene therapies. Pall Corporation recently partnered with Exothera and supported them in the expansion of their manufacturing capabilities by adding a large-scale suspension-based manufacturing platform, from upstream through downstream processing of viral vectors of up to 2000 L.

You will learn:

  1. The current market needs in terms of industrial-scale production of viral vectors.
  2. How Exothera partnered with Pall to scale-up quickly to 2000 L with the Allegro STR Bioreactor System.
  3. How moving to integrated, end-to-end solution will help simplify and streamline your manufacturing process, thus reducing time to market.
Watch the webinar and hear from Exothera as they explain their journey towards scale-up.


  • Moderator
    Dave Sokolowski

    Global Product Manager, Integrated Solutions,
    Pall Corporation
  • Presenter
    Hanna P. Lesch Ph.D.

    Chief Technology Officer, Exothera

  • Presenter:

    Christian Borgniet

    Chief Operating Officer, Exothera

  • Moderator:

    David Johnson

    Pall Biotech
    Senior Global Product Manager, Continuous Purification

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