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Is Clarification an Obstacle in Your Viral Vector Process?
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The clarification of Lentivirus (LV) or Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) can be challenging but lessons learned from technical studies can help accelerate development.

‘Optimizing the clarification of industrial scale viral vector culture for gene therapy’ is a peer reviewed technical paper, published by Cell and Gene Therapy Insights, and provides strategies on how to:

  • Clarify both AAV and LV suspension and adherent cell cultures. 
  • Develop and optimize your clarification process early in development.
  • Produce a robust, scalable and affordable process with high throughput and yields.

By leveraging our well established Stax™ depth filter technologies, proven methods supported by our team of experts, we can help you overcome the clarification obstacle to achieve your goals! If you prefer to outsource your process development, Pall’s AcceleratorSM process development services is here for you.

Download the paper and learn Pall’s process development strategies for overcoming the clarification obstacle!

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