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Scalable Upstream
Process Development
of Biotherapeutics

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Establishing a platform for developing and manufacturing therapeutic proteins that ensures predictable productivity and product quality will eliminate bottlenecks in tech transfer.

In this case study, Celltheon demonstrates a workflow using the Celltheon SMART Technology Platform in combination with the Allegro™ STR bioreactor  range.  The time from cDNA to RCB was reduced to less than 4 months while ensuring scalability between 3L to 200L pilot scale, with a pre-defined upstream and  downstream processing platform for monoclonal antibodies and difficult to express proteins.

Participants will learn about:
  1. Improvements in current mammalian expression platforms
  2. Cell line development and scalability workflows
  3. Key features and advantages of using the Allegro STR bioreactors


  • Moderator:

    Andreia Pedregal

    Bioreactor Applications Manager (EMEA),
    Scientific and Laboratory Services
    Pall Biotech

  • Presenter:

    Divya Goel

    Bioprocess Engineer 

  • Speaker:

    Sid Gupta

    Global Product Manager
    Pall Biotech

  • Moderator:

    David Johnson

    Pall Biotech
    Senior Global Product Manager, Continuous Purification

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