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Allergo Connect Virus Filtration System

Reducing deviations in the virus filtration process is the best way to maximize productivity.

Human error accounts for 80% of all process deviations in pharmaceutical manufacturing environments*. Whether it is from deviations in the process itself, during data collection or because of transcription error.

The Allegro Connect Virus Filtration System fully automates this process, which minimizes your process risk and maximizes your productivity.

Key benefits include:

  • Automated pre-use manifold leak test
  • Automated pre-use and post-use virus filter integrity test (IT) and improved usability
  • Smooth phase transition between product filtration and buffer chase
  • Centralized data that eliminates time-consuming data mining
What's more, the Allegro Connect Virus Filtration System can be configured to match your bespoke process needs and has flexibility, through a choice of manifolds, to process batch sizes from 200 L pilot, to 2000 L production scale.

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* Eliminating Human Error From Your List of Manufacturing Deviations, (podcast), Ginette Collazo, March 23, 2021

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