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Make your
depth filtration

process step
more robust!

Fully automated depth filtration
is a reality

Batch losses could have a catastrophic effect on your business. Due to risks associated with human error and poor control over critical parameters in the clarification process, the best solution would be to automate your operations. 

The Allegro Connect Depth Filtration System is a fully automated platform that is configurable to your business needs. This next-generation system is designed to deliver robust process control, with recipe-controlled steps, including a pre-use manifold leak test, system priming, product filtration and buffer chase.
New features in the design also allow you to configure each manifold to meet the different
process needs while supporting a wide range of liquid filter capsules and even accommodating non-Pall filters.

What's more, you can avoid all the tedious and labor-intensive data mining across multiple platforms. The Allegro Connect Depth Filtration System stores your process data and batch
records in one, central location that's easy to access.

Key benefits include:

  • Production scalability from 200 L to 2000 L 
  • Wide manifold and filter diversity
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation

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