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Bulk Filling of
Drug Substance

Reduce product loss 
by up to 50%

Every drop counts

Minimizing non-recoverable volume at the end of drug substance downstream processing is critical for efficient product recovery. With manual processes and complex single-use paths this can be really difficult to achieve.

The Allegro™ Connect Bulk Fill System has been designed to help you reduce non-recoverable product loss by up to 50%. Here are some reasons how this is possible:

  • The system has been designed to automate product draining and recovery within both the filtration and distribution flow paths
  • The single-use flow path used has a compact design and is easy to use, allowing maximum product draining
  • Efficient use of fluid in the recovery biocontainer bag to re-dispense into the final filling containers

Three model process scenarios have been selected to give end users an indication as to non-recoverable hold-up expected within the flow path, based on varied process requirements and volumes.

In addition, the Allegro Connect Bulk Fill System minimizes process risk through increased automation, and benefits from enhanced configurability that allows flexibility and choice for multiple processes.

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