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From Bench to
Bedside: A Scalable
Solution for
AAV Production

Published by Cell Culture Dish

The need for industrialized, cost-effective virus manufacturing platforms is growing rapidly as their usage in precision medicines continues to rise. Among viral delivery systems, recombinantly produced adeno-associated viruses (rAAV) are now the predominant vector for in vivo gene therapies with good safety and gene transfer profiles. One of the biggest challenges in bringing these life-changing therapies to patients is the ability to efficiently translate bench-scale processes to commercial GMP manufacturing to produce viral vectors at the scale needed to meet dosage requirements.

Read the white paper to learn strategies for rAAV process development and manufacturing.

  • Learn the current market needs in terms of industrial-scale production of viral vectors.
  • Read about a scalable approach to AAV manufacturing.
  • Learn how moving to an integrated, end-to-end solution helps simplify and streamline your manufacturing process, thus reducing time to market.

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