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Filterability Assay of the VacuCap®  Bottle-Top Filter Device

Bottle-top vacuum filter devices are commonly used for sterile 0.2 μm filtering of media, buffer, reagents and cell cultures. However, not all vacuum filtration bottle top devices perform the same for all solutions to be filtered.

By choosing the correct bottle-top filter device, throughput can be maximized and operating costs can be reduced. The VacuCap and VacuCap PF (with an integrated pre-filter) bottle-top filter devices provide fast filtration of viscous solutions up to 5 L in volume. The small unit size ensures less waste and reduces the chance of contamination by filtering directly from the source to the final destination container.

In this Application Note we report the VacuCap, VacuCap PF and one competitive device’s performance by subjecting the devices to several different filterability trials.

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