Pall Corporation

New Trends in Colloidal Beer Stabilization

Learn how polyvinylpolyprrolidone (PVPP) helps adsorbtion in the process

Today’s consumers expect a clear, high-quality beer that can the test of time spent on the store shelf.

Colloidal stability is what influences the quality and increases the shelf-life of packaged beer and polypeptides and polyphenols found in beer impact colloidal stability, producing a visible haze that shortens shelf-life.

To control the level of polyphenols, brewers are using polyvinylpolpyrrolidone (PVPP) as an adsorber for beer stabilization. Download Pall’s latest application bulletin, “New Trends in Colloidal Beer Stabilization,” to learn:

  • What is PVPP stabilization?
  • The evolution of PVPP stabilization methods
  • How PVPP can improve colloidal stability
  • What Pall technology leverages the PVPP regenerable process but also enhances it through a continuous mode, thus reducing both material loss and cost.