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Flavor Production that Puts Money Back in Your Wallet

As the flavor industry continues to grow, flavor houses must adjust to rising consumer demand for innovative, high-quality flavors while meeting requirements for product clarity and purity. Selection of the right filtration technology becomes critical to achieving these goals as flavor producers must overcome multiple processing challenges while keeping costs low.

The most sustainable filtration solutions in flavor manufacturing are ones which:

  • Respect the flexibility required to process very diverse products in small to large batch sizes
  • Satisfy the production goals of minimum product losses, process safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and minimum downtime
Download our latest application bulletin, “Simple, Safe, Single-pass Filtration for the Flavor Industry with Pall ‘SUPRA’ Technology”, to learn how a major flavor manufacturer implemented a one step, single-pass filtration solution to address the diverse requirements and challenges of their many products.

Discover how they achieved game-changing improvements to their flavor filtration process, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved product quality!

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