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Varnish control and fluid clarification
with absorptive filtration technology

Improve productivity and reliability of your equipment

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Increasing the reliability and availability of hydraulic and lubricating equipment are key challenges in Automotive and General Industrial applications. In this webinar we will discuss the latest advanced filtration technologies available to prevent and remove varnish from hydraulic and lubricating oils and clarify fluids.

Prevent varnish formation for improved hydraulic and lube oil systems performance

In just 45 minutes, we’ll cover:

  • Introduction to varnish
  • Varnish formation mechanisms
  • Effects of varnish
  • Controlling varnish
  • Case studies
  • Summary

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Meet the speaker:

Christophe Goasdoué is a Global Marketing Manager in the Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection business group of Pall Corporation. He holds a MSc in Process Engineering from the University of Compiègne, France, a MSc of Thermal Engineering from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK, and an e-MBA from Essec Business School.

Christophe has been engaged in technical service, sales and marketing functions for over 25 years. His expertise is in innovative marketing and business development in the Automotive in-plant industry. Christophe has global responsibility for developing new application areas for Pall’s Asset Protection business. He is also a member of the AFNOR 48U & ISO TC131/SC6 committees as an expert in filtration and separation technologies.