Complimentary Webinar Invitation:

Maximize Fertilizer Output!

Improve Productivity and Reliability through Proper Application of Filtration and Separation Technologies

Pall Corporation
Wednesday, March 22  • 11:00 AM EST • Duration: 45 minutes with live Q&A

Join us for a complimentary webinar:

Cost effective and reliable separation of oil from ammonia and removal of solid/gas contaminants are key challenges in the fertilizer industry. This webinar covers the latest advanced filtration and coalescing technologies available to increase output and improve product quality.

In just 45 minutes we’ll cover:

  • Mitigation of solids and hydrocarbons in feed natural gas
  • Minimizing burner tip clogging in the reformer
  • Optimization of performance of the CO2 absorption loop
  • Purification of CO2 to the urea plant
  • Removing oil from compressors in the syngas feed loop
  • Removing oil from liquid ammonia 
  • Gas filtration in nitric acid plants

We’ll also answer specific questions during a live Q&A

Meet the speaker:

Ram Venkatadri is a Global Marketing Manager in the Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection business group of Pall Corporation. He holds a B.Tech in chemical engineering from the University of Madras and a Ph.D in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

He has been engaged in technical service, sales and marketing functions at Pall, Nalco, Exxon Chemical and Ciba over the last 25 years. Ram’s expertise is in innovative marketing and business development in the olefins industry as well as in waste water treatment. Ram has global responsibility for developing new application areas for Pall’s Chemicals and Petrochemicals business. Ram is a co-inventor on three patents and has published and presented numerous technical papers. He is regarded as a technical expert in filtration applications in the chemicals industry.