Come And Learn What Pall Can Do For Your Brewing Process

BrauBeviale- 12-14 November, Nuremberg, Germany

Meet with our filtration and quality control solution specialists to learn how Pall's filtration and stabilization technologies can ensure the quality and performance in your brewing process. Request an in-booth appointment where we can discuss your specific application requirements and match them to our products and technologies designed to deliver optimal quality at a low cost and high reliability.

  • The PROFi System: an automated crossflow filtration system for primary beer clarification enabling production of beer with a high brilliance and negligible oxygen, iron, manganese or arsenic pick up.
  • The CBS System: a modern system for colloidal beer stabilization allowing for continuous and balanced stabilization eliminating powder handling and minimizing PVPP losses allowing regenerated use for greater than 2 years.
  • The CFS NEO System: a membrane filtration alternative to pasteurization for optimal microbial safety specifically designed to avoid the negative taste impact from thermal treatment impact.
  • The GeneDisc® System: a real-time PCR technology for detection and identification of beer spoilage organisms that facilitates simple and reliable quality control for point of use testing and final product release.
  • Seitz® ZD Sheets and SUPRA Modules: a family of depth filtration solutions that enable kieselguhr-free filtration throughout the entire brewing process, independent from brewery size and beer type.

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